RELEASE DATE: 06/12/2019 (digital)




Tuscany techno duo Reform are back on Etruria with their fourth EP!! Following the success of ‘Unconventional Spaces’ last year, this time the pairing deliver two banging original tracks, accompanied by two stunning remixes from Mattia Trani and Deas.

First track is ‘Childhood’, where rave and power are melted together. The gritty main lead synth, skipped crunchy groove and a mysterious break are perfect elements to ignite the dancefloor. The second original is ‘Backspin’, which features an old school and raw feel characterised by a pressing groove, a lively synth riff and backspin FX which take the listener towards a proper 90’s style vibe.

Both remixes are of Backspin: the first by Mattia Trani, who transports us back to the 90s with his hardgroove reinterpretation, whereas Deas’ version is a real hypnotic trip with a strong bassline alongside flashes of the main synth, resulting in a perfect rework for a dark set in a sweaty basement club.