RELEASE DATE: 25/10/2019 (vinyl) – 08/11/2019 (digital)







Luca Agnelli’s Etruria Beat sees Italian artist Bastinov return with a fantastic full-length album entitled All Through The Night, this Autumn. Bastinov is a master-craftsmen who imbues his music with melody and spirituality. After first releasing on Etruria in 2013, his standout sound design and the richness of his synth-work has continued to catch attention from the likes of Adam Beyer, Sven Väth, Pan-Pot. Across six superb EP releases, he has subtly developed his sound and now, on this debut album, makes his most complete and coherent musical statement yet. ‘Deep Forest’ majestically opens the album, raining true to its title is like a journey through a lush organic landscape. Bubbling synths and drums get you in a trance on ‘All Through The Night’ and the range of synths on ‘Genesis’, from smooth to pixelated to thunderous, lend the techno a truly immersive feel. Bastinov then expertly explores a range of moods on suspense-fueled ‘Eternia’, over to darker and moodier on ‘Hyperion’ while ‘Dantze’ layers up scintillating cosmic keys above elongated grooves that all build and build to an intense peak. The second half of the album is just as artful, with the surging Detroit styles of ‘Evnt’ and celestial melodic rain of ‘Proteus’. The Veneti artist showcases his ability to make synths take any form as he skews and stretches them to the heavens, or breaks them into crystalline droplets on ‘Arponoid’ and ‘Elaysia’. This intense, absorbing trip finishes with ‘Der Love Train’ and ‘Devine’ a in a set of highly emotive tracks that sweep to otherworldly spaces and back again with the euphoric vocals of experimental/industrial artist KnowKontrol featuring on ‘The Silence Of The Night’.