Remix: Luca Agnelli, Regal

RELEASE DATE: 13/05/2019 (vinyl) – 24/05/2019 (digital)



Berlin based DJ/producer Alignment returns to Etruria Beat this May to deliver ‘Interference’, accompanied by two commanding and powerful remixes from Luca Agnelli and Madrid’s Regal.

With releases to date on the likes of Involve Records, Voxnox and Etruria Beat, with his last release on the Italian label coming in the form of his ‘Gravity’ EP in 2016, Berlin’s Alignment ranks amongst the shortlist of names to keep an eye on when it comes to emerging producers within the techno sphere.

For his return to Etruria, the Italian steps up to reveal two high-octane cuts whilst Etruria founder Luca Agnelli and Involve boss turn in impressive interpretations of the lead track.

Opening the EP, title cut ‘Interference’ combines 90’s acid sounds with trance-tinged synths to reveal a production primed for the dancefloor, before handing over control to Luca Agnelli who introduces hypnotic and suspenseful builds and breaks to proceedings, whilst switching up the track’s lead lines to create a warping journey.

Next up, Regal who raises the energy even further and reinforces the original’s acid patterns with his own trademark sonics before ‘Turn Off’ concludes the package as hypnotic synth melodies merge alongside powerful driving rhythms throughout.