Remixes: Luca Agnelli, Dj Rush, Mikael Jonasson, Under Black Helmet

RELEASE DATE: 12/11/2018 (vinyl) – 30/11/2018 (digital)



Etruria Beat celebrates the 50th release on the label with a special pack of remixes of its first release, which was released back in 2010! After 8 years we have given a new life to “7 O’ Clock” the first track from Luca Agnelli on his own label.

We have chosen four different artists to give different shades of techno to this release!

One of the fathers of techno, Dj Rush, the industrial-laced techno of Lithuanian Under Black Helmet, the warm, pumping sounds of Swedish artist Mikael Jonasson’s and lastly Luca Agnelli himself with his distinct, powerful style.

No more words needed…