Remix: Luca Agnelli

RELEASE DATE: 17/09/2018 (vinyl) – 05/10/2018 (digital)







Reform, the Tuscan techno duo, make a return to Etruria Beat to follow up the success of 2017’s ‘Checkmate’ EP, remixed by Amelie Lens and their recent EP on Second State with a huge new offering – Unconventional Spaces. Reform present three fresh originals, backed by a massive rework from Etruria boss Luca Agnelli.

Unconventional Spaces is a melodic and timeless work, perfect for a magic sunrise closing set. Luca delivers a heavier rework, creating a special atmosphere with powerful chords that drift back and forth.

Just This is characterised by a raw triple stab, a vocal laid down by the guys themselves and an emotional and mysterious break. Closing the EP is Span, which is composed of bouncing tom samples, straight hats and a moogy bass that develops throughout the arrangement, a perfect peaktime number and strong finalé.