Remixes: Marco Effe and Raphael Dincsoy
RELEASE DATE: 03/12/2015 (digital)






After Bastinov´s solid release, Etruria continues  his aim to promote new italian talents . Now it’s time for  Tuscany´s duo Reform , who you could already find on our last Bud Sampler .
This 25th release  features  4 tracks, incredibly different from each other, like the Ep title says , they create a true path through interesting electronic sounds.

First track, “The Clear Path”,  a killer dancefloor tune, which combines great, grooved drums underlaying a strong bassline topped by two powerful and melodic synths . The first one is riffing the main melody and the other one, brings a  magic touch to the ensemble .
following is Marco Effe’s remix . The Berlin based producer gives its own special touch , with incredible reverbered drums, an arpeggiated synth based on the original, but completely reworked. A real trip, that first takes the audience thru a mental abstraction , then rudely back to the dancefloor with a punchy  techno kick / bass marriage .
We continue our journey thru sound with the third track : a second remix , this time from German producer Raphael Dincsoy . Energy , Dancefloor Hypnotic , monophonic sounds are some of the adjective to characterize this third track .
“The Agreement” is closing the release : a cut up game of voices,  played alternately towards  a huge “moog style” synth which appears after the first drop and evolves till the track ends .

This is Reform, and this is how they want to express their sonic and  music path, soaked into analog machines and vinyl sound , explosive and energetic .

Supported by:
Adam Beyer, Luke Slater, Joseph Capriati, Alan Fitzpatrick, Slam, Electric Rescue, Pan Pot, Ambivalent, Andre Kronert, Dj Deep, Ilario Alicante, Paul Ritch, Regal, Karotte, Marco Bailey, Gregor Tresher, Gary Beck, Carlo Lio, Dj Hell, Florian Meindl, Samuel L Session, Dj Emerson, Davide Squillace, Christian Smith, Technasia, James Zabiela, Coyu,Gel Abril, Andrew Grant, Wehbba, Enrico Sangiuliano, Sasha Carassi, Markantonio, Dj 3000, Superstrobe, Dj Chus, and more.