One Year later the italian duo Toms Due come back to Etruria , this time with “Magma” , groovy techno Ep composed by two banging original tracks and Mr. Ambivalent and Mr Cosmin trg remixes.

The first is the original “Magma” a powerful track with a big room kick and a old school melody that grows together with a simple one-note chord to create a destroying tool.

The second original is Stratum characterized by a power melodic chord and an energetic groove.

Then comes Ambivalent remix, a name who doesnt need presentations, dark synth in his full style, raw drum with sharp / pungent 909 rhythms.

Last but not the least Cosmin trg remix is a powerful techno tool, composed by a hypnotic chord wrapped by powerful techno drum groove.and space.


Home » News » Etb042 “Toms Due – Magma” is available on Beatport.

Etb042 “Toms Due – Magma” is available on Beatport.