William Medagli was born in Cassino, a small city between Rome and Naples, in 1980. He grew up in the magical and innovative 80s, an era when music started using new instruments and was reinvented, creating brand new genres and styles based on drum machines and syncs. During these years, William became interested in all those new genre of music, which will set him apart in the future and in his carrier choice. His musical influences are various: from Giorgio Moroder to Kraftwerk, from Depeche Mode to Kool And The Gang, not forgetting jazz, rock and blues; but it was ITALODISCO, his real music, that influenced his works. As a kid, he attended “School of music” choosing the piano as his main instrument, but he kept cultivating his interest for electronic music. His parents have always been his backbone for his musical and personal growth. In the mid 90s, he started his DJ carrier playing at private parties around his hometown, while producing his first musical “experiments”. With the passing of the years, he improved his experience while perfecting his musical studies which is an end in itself. For a short period of time he decided to stop playing until he found someone dear to him who would reignite the desire to love his work and his passion: music. He created his more elaborate work that would bring him his first real results.He would play for underground clubs in the area that would bring him also to Rome, Naples , London and private parties in Barcelona and the Riviera. Thanks to his talent he was invited to play in Paris and it was there where his true musical carrier started, arriving also overseas where his dream is coming true. After emigrating [2011]to France and then became a resident at one of the most exclusive clubs in Paris, thanks to its immersive sound in his ecliptic set, decides it’s time that his girlfriend is beginning to play and producing , he sees immediately that she can do and has talent, and asked her to play with him B2B, she is dJ THALLULAH e, that would be assisted in his sets, which is unusual in a disco/club