Its not easy task following DJ W!LD..s path all across the planet ! Behind the decks for 12 years now, his career cannot be described in a few lines anymore … W !LD plays from one continent to another, as a tireless traveller, spreading hot underground music to all people with his technical mixes.
Dj Wild was born in Dijon and now lives in Paris. He was first seduced by the hip hop culture, which, at the end of 80’s, united dancers, mc’s, singers and dj’s around music, in a festive spirit which is difficult to recreate. His artistic life started as a graffiti artist in the suburbs of Dijon. His stage name is an allusion to the cult movie of the 80’s “Wild Style,” which captures the spirit of the pioneers of hip-hop in New York in the late 70’s.
In the early 90′s, in France, techno music was considered a marginal movement only played in a small number of Parisian clubs such as the Boy or Luna. Having returned from England, after the explosion of “Summer of Love” in 1989, the Parisian Dj Laurent Garnier had his first residence in Dijon, at l’Enfer, which is now closed. In this quiet little town, opportunities to party were scarce and DJ Wild was immediately seduced by Laurent Garnier’s Dj sets at the Wake Up parties. This was a crucial revelation for the continuation of his artistic adventure.
In 1996, DJ Wild had his first opportunity to take possession of the turntables and started playing in Clubs in Paris (Fumoir at at the legendary club le Palace, Queen, Rex…). The same year, he met Peter Rauhofer and produced an ep, “Magic Orgasm”, N°1 in the charts in several countries. From that moment, he became internationally known. In 1999, he began again to produce music when he met Chris Carrier and Guillaume la Tortue (French Dj and producer in the 90’s). He signed 6 ep’s with them on Combustible and Adult Only. In 2003, Wild and Chris Carrier created the band Catwash, tribute to the famous 70’s movie “Car Wash” (cult musical known for its soundtrack written by Norman Whitfield, father of the Motown in the 60’s). First, Catwash is the fusion of two creative entities which prioritises the dance floor music and electronic influences. Their first ep’s were released on famous labels known for the quality of their productions (Detour, Visitor, Brique Rouge, Crack & Speed, Adult Only and Get Physical,Supplement facts ). Right from the start, their releases received critical acclaim from luminaries such as ANDREW WEATHEHALL, JOSH WINK, RICHIE HAWTIN, ,RICARDO VILLALOBOS ,JOHN DIGWEED, M.A.N.D.Y, LUCIANO and many others. Working the field between acid, minimal, chicago and sheer madness, the reputation of CATWASH is steadly growing. W !LD also released tracks on GET PHYSICAL or CRACK&SPEED, ADULT ONLY ,BRIQUE ROUGE among others under his CATWASH guise.
This electro music french ..JACK-OF-ALL –TRADES,…. despite his discretion, wich is often mistaken as shyness , has succeded in placing his mark on the club scene. Label Manager of CATWASH RECORDS, he..s tirelessly on the hunt for fresh new beats, and up and coming producers, Including REKLEINER, CATWASH ( DJ W!LD & CHRIS CARRIER) and TOMMY FOUR SEVEN, MONOMACHINE,DAVID K ,MIRCO VIOLI , FABIO GIANNELLI, ILARIO ALICANTE , !!!!!!.
Today, DJ W!LD, 33, is more than present on the electronic music scene and signs numerous tracks and remix with Catwash or under his name supported already by LUCIANO , RARESH, RICARDO VILLALOBOS, GUIDO SCHNEIDER,ANJA SCHNEIDER.He ‘s back with his first love deep house and just signed on MOTIVBANK(sub label cadenza ) and RAL the famous bootleg label from Ricardo villalobos ,an & Luciano after artist like rhadoo, pedro ,luciano. He also wants to write a new page of his musical history by collaborating with other musicians (a collaboration with Kova Rea is announced on his next ep), launch the expected Catwash album FUMAR on the label Adult Only with remix from Ilario alicante ,Boris Werner & kouam djoko, Lemos, Kreon, Phil Weeks,David k, San proper !!! The bass line will not stop