Coeter’s love for synth sounds has lasting for a decade by now. The playful handling with various elements is the core point of his work. Ideas come up in moments of spontaneity and regularly end up in runs of concentrated work-flows. Through consequent deconstruction creates space for smartly modulated details. Principal elements are decentralized and get a new place to develop unsuspected impressions. Coeter releases his digital EPs and vinyl on well-established record-labels like Eminor, Genesa and Monocline Records next to artists like Miro Pajic, Mike Wall, Re:Axis, Seph, Dualism, Pablo Denegri and many more. Coe has already played his powerful Minimal with great names like Click Box, Format B, Psyk, Octave, Jake the Rapper, Aka Aka or Daniel Steinberg. Now he is focused on his own label FRUCHT, run by him and his partner Splatter in Berlin. Coeter One & Frucht releases were charted by names like Troy Pierce and hit the minimal Top Sales non-stop. Further fruity works from the house of COE is to be expected soon.