Alejandro was born in Vina del Mar, Chile. Music has always played an important role in his life – his father played tenor sax and was the owner of a huge jazz records collection – so since his childhood, he used to spend many hours in front of the stereo. As a teenager he started playing electric guitar in several bands, influenced by the music of bands like Sonic Youth, The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Pixies, among others.
In 1993, Alejandro and his friends started the band Pequenas Particulas, which became a cult band in the underground scene of Valparaiso. Three years later, in 1996, Alejandro started to experiment with sound generating machines – Telepong was the name of his solo project, influenced by Detroit Techno and Acid House.
In parallel, Alejandro has been involved in the emerging electronic music scene in Chile and he started DJing – it didn’t take much time for him to become a highly recognized and respected DJ in South America. Since 2001, he is resident DJ at La Feria in Santiago, one of the biggest and most popular clubs in Chile. Since then he also was playing in many big venues and events all over Europe and South America (Gaz-Gallery – Moscow, RUS; Kamakama – Via Regione, IT; Panoramabar – Berlin, DE; Retox – London, UK; La Edge – Sao Paolo, BRA; etc.).