Etruria is please to welcome Whitesquare to the family.

usually known for his melodic tech/house style,

he decides to take things a little more obscure this time and delivers to the label “Nightrain”.

A dark beat, a gloomy bassline and a hollowing chord stab that takes the track to the deepest forms of techno.

on remix duties he chose the talented and well know Japanese “Dj Sodeyama” (Trip/Arpa)

using an hypnotic synth line on a heavy beat, he gives the track a real genuine techno feel.

Bastinov remix is a more “melodic” one in the EP. wiith an harominc pad that goes all along the track that sits so well with the rest of the vibes, assured to rock any dancefloor.

and last but not least, Coeter.

who decides to take things a bit more rough and pushes out the most with his experimental yet strong techno sounds.